Document Accessibility: Word

Purpose of this Training

In this training, you will learn how to use the built-in tools of Word to create accessible documents. Accessible Word documents convert to PDF more easily and help content editors comply with State of Texas Accessibility Rules concerning digital resources on public websites.

Topics in the Training

  • The importance of accessible documents
  • The appropriate use of documents on websites and email
  • How to properly save a document
  • Text style guidelines
  • How to configure line spacing to help avoid extra characters in the document
  • How to use the style menu to create accessible headers
  • How to use the navigation pane in Word
  • Steps to change the appearance of styles in the styles menu
  • How to construct lists
  • Adding alt text to images
  • Complex images and how to make them more accessible
  • How to construct Tables in Word
  • How to create column layouts
  • How to create compliant hyperlinks
  • How to use the accessibility checker in Word
  • How to export accessible Word documents to Adobe Acrobat

Other Resources

Access Academy has a Word training with embedded quiz material to help you master your knowledge. You may need to register, which is free and easy.

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